Where you are right now

Where you are right now

You woke up intending to do what it takes for your day to run more smoothly.

Halfway through you’ve forgotten which situation you wanted to improve.  Where did you get this idea?

Was it the program you bought to tell you what to do? Your planner is organized; why aren’t you?

By the end of the day, you’re tired and cranky with yourself, your family, or those around you.   You’re cranky with yourself.  You feel confused and defeated. Your focus is iffy.

You rushed into your intention before you figured out where you wanted to go.


Where you want to go

Figuring out where you are right now gives us a lot of great information about you.

Where you want to go is your intention.

Is yours based on what you’re supposed to be doing?   It’s hard to do something that is someone else’s idea when you don’t know how it benefits you.

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Take Action!  What kind of action you take matters.

Of course, there are 5 ways to improve how smoothly your life is going. You’ve seen a TikTok or Instagram! You’ve read a blog about how. You bought a program.

Maybe you saw a video that was put together really well.  The actors and graphics were engaging and sharp.

That doesn’t matter.

What matters is the type of action steps you take and how you choose to be accountable to yourself.  I can’t put that into 5 simple steps for you without first listening to you describe where you are and your intention.

Get your mindset right before you rush toward an intention.

You know that 1,000-pound weight on your shoulders?  It’s the one that comes from worrying about how well things are going.

Your perspective gets out of joint from carrying it around.

Stop worrying.  Stop thinking about taking care of others. Put your own oxygen mask on before proceeding.



One of my mentors put it like this

Where do you want to go

How will you get there

Who’s going to help you



We’ll put that into your context

Where you are

What your mindset is

Where you want to go

How you’ll best get there

What your mindset is….



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