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School was going just fine… until it wasn’t.

They were always such bright kids, but somewhere along the way, they lost their luster.

Lately, your teen has begun to sleepwalk through school.

“Does attending class really matter?”

And they whine they “don’t see the point” in what they’re learning.

Their overwhelming boredom seems to make studying impossible.

You worry they are limiting their future options.

Attending college was the plan after graduation, but they are so discouraged with high school that they can’t imagine university being any better.

Trying to refocus their efforts with to-do lists and test-prep courses only seems to further drain their energy and enthusiasm.

Time passes so quickly, but you feel powerless to help.

Step into bigger shoes.

We all hold onto things we’ve outgrown because they feel familiar, even if they don’t work anymore.

Outgrowing how you’ve always done things is like running in shoes that are too small for you.

Stepping into bigger shoes can be tough; there may be blisters at the beginning, but soon you’ll see how much faster and farther they allow you to go.

Help them get back on track.

By working to identify the “why” of your teen’s school career, they can reconnect with a genuine excitement for learning.

Reframing their experience with clear goals gives them something to work toward.

Together, we’ll create the space for your teen to understand who they want to become and equip them with the tools they need to get there.

Being successful isn’t a race; it’s about moving forward at your pace.

Having options at the end of high school is what we want for all teens.

Realistic expectations can be a game-changer upon entering college.

Hi, I’m Genevieve.

I’m looking forward to meeting you and your teen. One of the greatest pleasures in my life is meeting new people and learning how they connect with others – and me.

Our stories are an important component of our lives. I can share about backpacking in eastern and southern Europe before the end of the Soviet Union. Oh, and fist-bumping President Obama.

Each of my stories has required a strategy. I had to be organized and learn to communicate in the style needed for the situation… and get used to being uncomfortable.

My stories help me recognize and help your teen learn how to develop those same skills. Yes, fist-bumping a President is memorable. But helping teens learn how to have healthy relationships while not getting HIV, to identify and use their own organizational skills, and have the confidence to ask relevant questions makes my inner smile bigger.

I’m eager to help your teen learn these life skills to move them forward.

Help your teen detangle the discord.

No longer feel helpless – it’s time to help them reveal their best selves.

Get in touch now to help your teen start living the life they deserve.

People Are Saying

Parents and Families

“I’ve noticed that when my child uses Option Play Tools or attends one of the Small Steps Go Places workshops, the approach helps them understand the value for them as individuals, not just as students.”

Parent, Westport NY

High School Senior

“As a senior, it’s scary because I’m transitioning to college next year. I know it’s coming but didn’t know what that entails. Working with SSGP has helped me figure out what I know how to do, and what I need to ask help with.”

Francesca, NYC


“Several students asked me if the game would be available in the college office so they could continue thinking about scenarios. I was happy to tell them yes!”

Andi, Columbia Secondary School