Where’s your office?

Currently, all my coaching is virtual.

I live in New York City and the North Country of New York State. I welcome suggestions for in-person group and professional development coaching.

How long are coaching sessions?
Individual coaching sessions are 50 minutes. Group and professional development coaching depend on the package.
Do you speak to groups?
I speak to high school seniors who know their college plans after graduation, 11th-grade students who want to be more strategic about their college searches, and 9th-grade students who would benefit from organization and understand the changes from middle school as they begin high school. I also speak with parents who are becoming parents of high school students.
How does a client set up an initial consultation with you?

High school and college students can call me to get a link for a Zoom consultation or have a conversation during the call.

Parents of high school students can call me to get a link for their child’s Zoom consultation.

Parents can also call me with brief questions about the logistics of sessions. They’ll have an opportunity to give information, when needed, in preparation for their child’s sessions.

What’s your cancellation policy?
Each client receives one opportunity to rebook a canceled session (within a month, where session times are available). After that, canceling a session means forfeiting the fee for the session.
What are the ages of your clients?

I work with people who have recently graduated from college or are in high school.

I work with parents of high school students and college students.

What do we do in a coaching session?

I start by asking clients how they spend their daily time, and I also ask them to describe their communication with adults and peers. These discussions give us a starting point for them to talk about negotiables and non-negotiables for them and others.

After that, we move in the most appropriate direction for them. For example, we might discuss being more involved and successful in high school or creating a picture of a good fit for college applications.

Our conversations lead to brief, measurable assignments outside of the session to help them achieve the goal they co-create with me.

What methods do you use in coaching sessions?

My coaching is skills-based. We may acknowledge emotions, especially as part of developing habits, but our work is on actions that lead to measurable outcomes.

I use deep listening, written, verbal, and videotaped exercises.

When is the best time to begin working with you?
If you’re reading this FAQ, you want to know if a situation can improve. The best time to work with me as a coach is now.
When should a parent or adult who works with students consider working with you as a coach?
When parents want to appear calm, knowledgeable, and approachable, they should consider working with me.
If a client works with you, does that mean they’ll win more arguments with their parents?
You may find parents strongly suggest using planners and getting organized. When you identify your purpose for going to high school and become more aware of how you spend your time, I’d say you’re a winner, even when your parents say, “I told you so.”
If a client learns to ask “relevant” questions, will they get more allowance and that pet they’ve wanted?

One of my clients did get an allowance raise after taking “How to Ask a Relevant Question.” Getting the cat is still undecided, but that client went from “no” to “maybe.”

My favorite is the client who’d been asking the same question for months in class. After changing strategy, they finally got an answer they could use.

During your first year at college, what was your most unexpected class?
The Greek Tragedy I had to act in for drama. The closest to a tragedy I got in high school was reading Moby Dick.
Dogs or Cats?

I love both, but I only have one co-pilot, and she’s Maggie the Dog.