Gabby the Cat was the adorable black and white Maine Coon+ cat who appeared on our front porch in Maryland as a kitten.  Over the twenty years of her life, I could have benefitted from living more in the present. 

She did.







Inc. Magazine’s Expert Opinion newsletter identifies great leaders as

  • extremely curious
  • living in the present
  • those who show up

Who knew Gabby would qualify as a great leader as defined by Inc. Magazine?

As I read through the Inc. newsletter (one of my favorites) it’s not a long step back to Brene Brown’s stealth expectations, and then onto the untethered soul I just began reading.

My point? Living in the present means embracing what’s uncomfortable and putting one foot in front of the other.  It sounds simple.

It’s not for me.  Is it for you?



When I’m coaching clients I’m inquisitive, focused on the present, and have shown up in the midst of whatever is going on with them.

Successful coaching is about taking strategic actions with a purpose. I hope I sprinkle a new layer of flavor into my clients’ daily lives.

A great leader transforms a situation in a way that makes me say “Wow, I never thought of it that way and now it makes sense!”


Leaders don’t have to wear a business suit or carry the flag into battle.  There’s a lot of us who are great leaders.  I read about it in Inc.


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