When clients meet me for the first time what they describe feels like when I wore out the pages of the Sears Wishbook before Christmas. 

There were so many toys, and they all looked better than the ones I had. I envisioned what it would be like to ice skate, dress up, build with Flintstones blocks, or play with the Rock’em Sock’em Robots. And so many board games!

I spent weeks dreaming about all of those toys until Christmas morning when it was time to open my gifts and deal with reality.

Using the Wishbook to make my Christmas list was my first experience with writing a dream list. It highlighted what I didn’t have, didn’t help me value what I did have, and told me how much money it would cost to get stuff.  (Big Thud.)

If you’ve read self-help books or watched inspiring videos, like I have, you know how challenging it is to turn words into consistent actions.

Dreams are words until they become actions.  If you’ve taken those

If you feel like…





life coaching with me is how to make dream lists a reality.


Spending time and energy doing things that don’t align with your focus and purpose drains you even more than working hard. I help you become aware of when to stop dreaming and how to start taking steps.




Any person who feels overwhelmed and would like to be happier with their daily lives can check out my website.




Luckily, it isn’t full of all of the toys you can ever imagine.  Choose any focus to chat with me about and we will find your purpose, and get you on the right track. Start with the overview on the Home page of my website.


The Navigation Bar (on top) is the table of contents.

Don’t waste your time forgetting to do things or feeling overwhelmed. I don’t judge you.  We start where you are.  

When you feel happier about

 your daily life you start looking like the confident, healthy person you are.



My website doesn’t stay the same. Check back often to read the blog, how I’m working with clients, and see what I’ve learned recently.

  • I was super excited to find a sun in the cornfield graphic because it illustrates how I felt going to college.
  • “The Conversation” is a work-in-progress page that will become a workshop for parents of teens.
  • “Coaching for Parents” is going to transition into “Coaching for Adults Who Are Stepping Into a New Chapter.”

Look through my website, pick a focus, click here, and use the “free” code at checkout to start working with me on your purpose and action.

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