You watch your teen go to high school every day, and come home overwhelmed with homework.

Certainly understanding high school is not your strength, but you wonder how to give organization tools to your teen.


Their teachers are teaching while also managing engagement in their classrooms, and fulfilling umpteen administration requirements. A unit about organization a few times during the school year isn’t as effective as consistent support. You wonder what this support looks like.


Given that, let’s go back to the homework…


A teen’s daily life =

  • wake up early and get to school on time
  • participate in classes
    • Homework from the night before
    • Listening
    • Labs
    • Groups
    • Projects
    • Raising your hand
    • Tests and Quizzes
    • Staying awake
  • interact with friends
  • eat lunch (what time does that happen??)
  • Everything that’s going on after school
  • AND THEN come home and do all of that homework.


It’s like watching a train wreck.





You believe that organization tools will make this all better.  You’d better give organization tools to your teen immediately!!!!!

No matter

  • what their grades are
  • how overwhelmed they feel
  • how smart they are

it won’t work to give them organization tools unless they figure out what the benefit of using those tools personally is to them.

Helping teens, and anyone else, figure out the benefit of using organization tools to them personally starts with a conversation. 


They describe what’s happening in their daily lives, and what they wish would be different.

We talk about how situations would go differently when the organization is applied. We break this into manageable steps.

They take action, and we assess. Real consistent change starts small and then transforms their daily life.


Having a conversation with me starts here.

It will cost $25 because everyone needs to have skin in the game or I’m just like the free sample at Costco.


Stop watching train wrecks and give organization tools to your teens.


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