Organizational Skills for College Students

Using the proper roadmap is key to success.

There’s no deadline for becoming a successful person. The roadmap for college looks like the one you used for high school, but it’s not.  How to be a successful college student builds on what you learned to do in high school.  College students need organizational skills.

One challenge is keeping that fresh outlook in the face of imposter syndrome and not having enough self-confidence about heading along a new path.

Being independent is a normal part of college.  It can feel intimidating to be learning next to students who look like they have their sh*t together when you don’t feel you do,  it’s tough to have to remind yourself that everyone’s in the same boat when you feel like you’re in the water without a life preserver.

Your next step can be to learn to doggie paddle.  Go to my shop page and choose Stop Worrying. You’ll tell me about being overwhelmed and I’ll help you figure out how to stay afloat now. Then, you’ll decide if you want to learn a new stroke..

Concern over getting into a dream school makes you forget what that school will require to succeed.

High school students can be super-focused on how much everything costs, or on getting into a college they’re convinced is “the one.”  Getting admitted to college is a huge first step.  CONGRATULATIONS!!

Then, you have to buy, rent, or get gifts from family and friends all of the items Target, Best Buy, and your mom’s friends have said you need.  Or, you need to plan how to continue living at home while you go to college.

You still haven’t thought about what a different roadmap will look like.


You’re in the middle of the semester and your roadmap is in shreds.

You’re a freshman and you are convinced there’s no time in your schedule (5 different syllabi!!) to sleep until the end of college.

You can’t understand what the professor is talking about and your grade is based on one test and participation.

Everyone’s expectation that you’ll be a successful college student feels supersized.  You’d like to ask for help but that’s new. You might be living at home to save money and don’t need your family breathing down your neck, too.

 Succeeding in college = organization + being realistic about your daily life.

There’s a lot at stake for young people who go to college. They’re making judgments and decisions about every area of their daily lives.  This is complicated if they’re living at home because they need space and the opportunities for calculated risks to develop independence.

It’s a challenging time for their families.  Where do you get training for parenting someone who may be 18 and still very much an adolescent?

This is a good time for someone who will help this young adult develop and use the right kind of roadmap while respecting the foundation and love their family has built with them.  

I’m a life coach. I meet people where they are and don’t judge where they are.  I can say things a parent can’t because I am a parent; just not your parent.  And, I coach virtually which means I will meet you where you are most comfortable.  You don’t need to find my office.

Go to my shop page and choose Stop Worrying. You’ll tell me where you are and I’ll help you figure out how to be a successful college student. You’ll be a happier human, too.








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