Your Teen’s Disconnection Is Limiting Their Potential

Take Your Teen from Surviving to Thriving!

Online Life Coaching for Anxious and Disorganized Teens

It’s devastating to watch your teen struggling.

At first thought, they were just a late bloomer, but now you’re afraid they’re falling behind.

Night after night, you see your kid pulling their hair out, trying to focus on their assignments.

The stress of performing is taking its toll on them, and they seem so unhappy.

On the weekends, they just want to play video games, and you’re worried they’re becoming isolated.

Communication has completely broken down in your home.

Your amazing young person is bombarded with peer pressure and social media (not to mention their hormones). You want to help, but you’re not sure where to start.

When you try and talk with them about what’s going on, you get a sigh of exasperation and an eye roll.

You hear them wonder aloud if it’s even worth finishing their homework – “What’s the point?”

This isn’t your first rodeo. You never thought having a teen would be easy, but you want to give them the support they need before they limit their future.

And, you’re running out of steam yourself.

It’s time to get their act together.

But wait, we need to know what their act is, right?

Exactly. That’s where I come in.

I’ll join your teen in the mess of their daily life and help them make sense of where they’re going.

I meet teens where they are and co-create a plan with them. We talk about accountability that doesn’t put that entire burden on your tired shoulders.

They’ll start writing their story.

For most of their life teens have been guided, directed, and told what to do by adults.

Using tools to cut through the blocks, your teen will feel less stressed knowing how to move forward.

In our opening conversation, we cover three crucial points for us to work together: Purpose, Benefit, and Outcome.

Our work will help them pivot toward taking more responsibility because they’re connected to their purpose, it benefits them, and the outcome is meaningful.

Unlock the Stranglehold of Negative Mindset and Chaos that Keeps Your Teen in a Holding Pattern

It’s lonely and frightening when teens think no one cares about how they see their daily world.

Your teen struggles out of the house every morning, bleary-eyed with pieces of paper and phone cords popping out of their backpack. Their frown is becoming permanent.

But when you schedule a discovery call with me for them and you, from their perspective, they feel relief! They matter, and their daily life won’t be a mess forever! You allow yourself to feel a little optimism.

Real, lasting change feels so slow and deliberate.

They’ll identify a pain point; we’ll co-create a manageable plan; they’ll make the change, experience the benefit, and share with me how they feel about it.

In a nutshell, your teen becomes aware of the daily life they want to have, and how to make it happen.

The frown is replaced with their ‘Best Self’!

Let’s discover their ‘act’ now. That’s life coaching.

Don’t let another semester go by, wondering if they’ll get their act together.

Help your teen know what their act is and watch them thrive.

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