Navigating the Gap between
High School and College

You’re in!!!!!

You received the thick envelope from the college you want to attend! This is epic news. You’ve worked really hard, writing all those essays, stressing about taking tests, and filling out the Common Application.

And waiting! Not just for this envelope but also the financial aid offer. And then (though you try not to care too much), where will all of your friends end up?

Finally, you can sigh a big relief and relax. You don’t have to start working hard until the fall.

Ummmm… might want to rethink that lazy summer.

Well, that’s not a great idea. And, I’m not going to tell you why.

People have been telling you how to do things and their whys for a long time.

Navigating the gap between being a student in high school and becoming a college student involves making the why yours and applying it to the steps ahead.

When did you begin school? Was it at age 4 or 5? Were you in daycare? Did you get to school by walking, being driven, on the school bus, or public transportation?

Or, have you been in a boarding school?

Add up the number of years you’ve had your days planned for you. How often have you been able to be fully in charge of how you spend your time from waking up to going to sleep?

Almost everything has been decided for you.

Through all these years of school, you’ve had a range of teachers, curriculum, school buildings, and activities – all decided for you.

The expectation is that you, the soon-to-be high school graduate, will take the envelope, go to orientation, arrive at college, and blaze off to the academic stars. Of course, your experience will be complete with making good decisions, getting enough sleep, calling home, and getting a good job at the end of college.

Am I far off?

What’s missing is processing your school career (that level is over), so you can take what works and prepare for what you need to keep the college from being more similar.

Going to college is a financial investment. We all know that.

For you, going to college is an investment in evolving into someone who will have a successful career, change the world, or just act on your love of learning.

It’s going to be harder than anything you’ve ever done.

My goal is to help you look forward to every challenge that comes your way because you’ll be prepared. Evolution is messy – and very satisfying.

You probably already know college is not a harder version of high school.

What will you do when that fact presents itself in a way that wasn’t listed in the college brochure?

How would you like to go to college?

I can offer advice from years of experience without telling you what to do. You owe me nothing.

You can consider what I have to say and make your own decision. It’s the time!

But… you might find some wisdom that makes sense to you and will keep you from stumbling early in your college career.

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