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Overwhelm into Self-Confidence

Navigating high school is real.

Teens in high school spend a lot of time and energy meeting others’ expectations: teachers, the school, the college application process, their families, and friends.

Meeting those expectations feels overwhelming because they’re focused on doing things right instead of how they’re going to handle the work, projects, and tests while not burning themselves out.

You can’t take them out of the situation or tell them they don’t have to go to school.

It’s devastating to watch your intelligent teen make choices that concern you, and not know how to help them navigate through.  Click here to stop worrying and help them to move forward.

Look at it from your child’s perspective.

Parents, it’s time to meet your child where they are.

Your child needs help right now to navigate their daily life at school.  They need help to plan better and use their time wisely. Your love and guidance provide their foundation. Coaching will provide them with a strategy to live their best life–their entire life.

Here’s one teen’s perspective.

“I finally understand why my mom’s been nagging me, since middle school, to write things down. There’s too much stuff going on! I can’t keep it all in my brain! I’m tired of always playing catch-up. It’s useless to try.”

Nagging your child can become a daily frustration that sucks all the air out of the room and leaves you both sad and angry with one another.  Click here to stop worrying about your teen.

Teens in high school feel pressure to get “it” right.

They’re taught to get the right answer instead of being empowered to figure out a solution.

Figuring out the whats and hows is messy for teens and their parents.

“I hate raising my hand in class because I feel clueless about talking to adults.”

“There’s too much homework. I don’t know how or when I’m going to study. Then, my family wants me to do something on the weekend!”

Adults, struggling to figure out how to get “going to school” right, are trying to push their teens to be successful.

You know your teen’s look when they’re listening but not comprehending. There’s a lot at stake for them. At this time, their confidence is falling away under their feet.

Learning how to adapt is a huge advantage for your teen.

Coaching can help your teen learn how to adapt.

While working with your teen, I ask them to describe their daily life. Your teen is where they are, not where they’d like to think they are. There’s no judgment, just the facts. Our work is action-oriented.

Young people are creative and resilient, especially if they have a seat at the table as part of the decision-making process. I help my clients learn how to be organized and communicate effectively with adults.

Adolescence passes by quickly. Don’t waste it arguing about what you can’t control.

Imagine envisioning your teen happily on their own at college or in a new job. What you notice most is how they have their plan and quiet confidence as they navigate those inevitable bumps in the road.

It’s natural for my clients to become more engaged in high school, feel confident, and think about their post-graduation plans increasingly based on their own “what and how.”

We co-create a measurable plan that moves with them. Click here to start moving forward.

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