First-Generation Students

Creating the proper roadmap is key to success.

I love working with late bloomers! There’s no deadline for becoming a successful person. They often try a new path or approach without finding the proper roadmap. Or they see the world differently and need to create a roadmap that doesn’t exist yet.

One challenge is keeping that fresh outlook in the face of imposter syndrome and not having enough self-confidence about heading along a new path.

Learning how to be independent is a normal part of high school and college. For first-generation students who have fewer resources and more responsibilities, it can feel intimidating to be learning next to students who can focus only on school.

For these first-generation students, creating the proper roadmap is essential to their future, which means staying focused on taking a different and sometimes challenging path.

Concern over cost can override good decision-making.

High school students who are super-focused on how much everything costs, instead of finding their purpose and the best long-term options, are less likely to make choices that fit them best. When students know what to look for and consider when making choices, they will move from surviving to thriving and make that financial investment a good one.

First-generation students also do not recognize when there’s a problem or an opportunity that needs quick action. Learning to swim when you’re drowning is not a good idea.

Growth and discomfort from multiple directions constantly bombard young people in high school. At the same time, they must deal with the expectations of making wise decisions, producing good grades and schoolwork, and getting enough sleep.

All those expectations become supersized with the independence of going to college. Students who are especially sensitive to the cost of going to college miss opportunities to evolve as a person and build a strong network as they turn going to college into a job that needs finishing as soon as possible.

Preparing for college is a stressful time.

There’s more at stake for young people getting ready for college, especially first-generation students.

For first-generation students, it makes sense to improve the investment of time, energy, and money they and their families are making by working with a coach to prepare their children to be in the know and get the most out of their experience.

Welcome, late bloomers! Here is where you get the directions for creating the proper roadmap.

I can help you understand what you need to know and help drain the power out of the imposter syndrome. Let’s work together to help your new path easier to navigate!