Coaching for Those New to Adulting

Life after college is a whole new experience.

Something happens between the moment before and after you graduate from college. One of my assistants, a senior in college, described what happened with their friends.

The first year out of college is a mess! You spend lots of your time applying for jobs, waiting. Are you in person, remote, or both? Your expenses might be for new clothes or you might be figuring out how to do laundry and grocery shopping in a remote schedule.

Your new schedule doesn’t happen on a semester basis. There’s always more on your desk at the beginning of the week. And people aren’t all your age; sometimes they’re old. People don’t care about what you were trying to get right in school.


How to make the transition is a well-kept secret.


Yes, colleges will give you information about what to expect after graduation. There might be budgets, how to get a credit card, and info for meeting with networking groups − but no transition PLAN.

You feel you’re behind the eight ball on projects or tasks that should be much simpler than this. You find your bank account is closer to empty than full, or your credit card balance keeps rising – while you keep wishing that you’d learned more than how to turn on a microwave?

Or, you’re making more money than you ever imagined but have forgotten the names of your friends and family because you have no time to see them or have a life. Going home to complain isn’t a great option. You’re an adult now.

Hold on for a minute!

You wouldn’t try to put together something you bought online without watching the YouTube video.

Transitioning from being in college (hmm − kindergarten to 12th + college = coming up on 20 years of being a student) is much more complicated than anything you could order from Amazon.

You, an intelligent person, are beginning the next chapter of your extraordinary life.

Set yourself up to have a happy first year.

Coaching makes the transition easier.

Coaching for Those New to Adulting begins with where you are. Our work is action-oriented. We’ll work together to set your goals, figure out steps you’ll take, and accountability you’ll do.

You’ll acknowledge emotions while moving forward; not get bogged down in drama.

Stop trying to do everything simultaneously or doing nothing at all. You’ll learn how to pace yourself. It’s not your fault, and it will be your success.

You have produced wonderfully creative academic work or passed the classes you needed. That took a lot of energy, focus, and sometimes hacks.

Now you’ll know how to talk with someone older than you. You’ll navigate your paycheck. Keeping your household, even with roommates, will become very doable.

Navigate life after college.

Coaching doesn’t include judgment about where you are. Coaching is getting to where you want to be.

My role as your coach is to help you walk into the next chapter of your life with a fuller toolbox, less clueless, and more together.

And being equipped will help you turn the terrible year into your stepping-stone to what’s next.

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