“How Is Life After College Going?”

Great Question

Get the Confidence You Need to Thrive after College

Life Coach for Recent Grads Online throughout the United States

You’ve focused the last eight years of your life on ‘after college.’

Saying goodbye to the life you’ve known these last four years with classes and friends is hard.

It’s time for you to enter the adult work world now – and you’re freaking out.

You don’t know what to expect next, and it feels overwhelming.

Thinking about how your daily life works makes you want to pull the covers over your head.

It’s the end of everything you’ve ever known.

How do you go about applying for relevant jobs? How do you find, and apply for apartments? There was no class on this!

Juggling a work life, grocery shopping, and finding new friends is too much!

Keeping the bathroom clean and paying bills on time is stressing you out. No one told you about which health insurance to choose!

Adulting is hard!

It’s time for a new playbook.

This is where I come in!

I specialize in giving young people starting their independent lives the skills they need to succeed.

Success at “adulting” is measured by how you feel about yourself. (This isn’t your parents’ adulting.)

Working with me as your life coach, you’ll ensure that you stay on track to living your best life.

You’ll learn strengths-based skills to help you build confidence as you adjust to the new pace of adulthood.

I’m early in my career and decided to move to a new city to search for a new job.
I needed support because I’m not now living near my parents; they suggested using a coach.
Genevieve coached me through navigating this major transitional period in my life.

Over 2 months she helped me figure out my priorities in my work and lifestyle so we could form a game plan with actionable steps.

These skills will set you on a trajectory for a successful and fulfilling life.

Together, we’ll start with the pace of your life, negotiables and non-negotiables.

As your awareness grows, you’ll become ready to use the how-to tools I suggest.

Step by step, I’ll help you convert scary independence into the next chapter of your brilliant life, at your pace of success.

Living your best life starts today.

Book now and don’t lose precious time figuring out slowly what we can do more quickly together.

You’ll be the one who’s calm and not always playing catch up.

Be the one who’s got a plan.

Your future has already started. Choose wisely.

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