When my clients first meet me they’re weighed down with worry.

Their daily lives have gaping holes where their happiness should be.


They haven’t yet realized how to replace daily worries with positive actions.






Like a weed, worry appears worth something at first, but at the end of the day, it’s ruined all of your happiness.


Daily worries are like leaving your dirty clothes next to the hamper or forgetting you ate 5 cookies, not 1 cookie.

They start small but grow into a stumbling block.  I call them negative habits.

Habits are actions.  Positive habits grow into goals that you reach.

Positive habits help you take the best care of yourself.


Negative habits hammer away at the armor with which you protect your body, mind, and soul.  Negative habits steal your thunder (I forgot!)

You have to accept them because they’ll never go away.


But no, you don’t.  That’s a tall tale someone told you.

You can, and will, replace daily worries with positive actions.

Don’t try to do everything at once. That’s asking for permission to fail.  Even if you’re impatient slow down, and take in what you’re doing.



Don’t feed the hungry, little weed. Be aware of one positive action you’re willing to take.  

Take it, today.  And, record what you did. 

Tomorrow, decide which positive action you’re willing to take. Take it. And record what you did.


That’s how you build momentum.

You used two powerful tools that make my coaching heart sing:  awareness and positive action.


My clients realize how to replace their daily worries with positive actions and recognize that the gaping holes are spots

waiting to be filled in.  

Instead of focusing on worrying about their lives, they focus on how they want to live their lives.

What do you worry about? My weed is feeling dizzy when I cross streets, which keeps me from going places I want to go. 

What positive action can you take?  I take that first uncomfortable step instead of standing there and giving up.  My steps add up.


I’d like to know what you worry about. 





Make your positive action



meeting with me to share where you are.





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